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SourFest at Stone Brewing

It's been almost a month since my trip to San Diego for SourFest 2016 at Stone Brewing in Escondido, but it feels like only yesterday. The trip out was momentous in a way, as it was my first real travel assignment as a World Of Beer Drink It Intern. The dream was really coming to life as I packed up my gear and boarded a plane all on my lonesome, in pursuit of new ex-beer-iences to document and share.

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West Coast Road Trip: The Vlog

Where there's blog, there's vlog, or so the old saying goes. After quite a long time considering it, I've finally crossed the bridge into vlogging, and I can only imagine there is no going back and reclaiming of the dignity lost in doing so. No one said it would be easy, or pretty, and that's good for expectations, because it's neither of those things.

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West Coast Road Trip Day 4: Willits, CA to Springfield, OR

I woke up in Willits to more of the same enthusiasm-crushing greyness that was really coming to define my trip. I checked out around 9:00am, passed the laughable outdoor pool, and got into my Hyundai Accent, which had - thus far - conquered wet roads, steep hills, and high speeds without even a hint of complaint. 

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