SourFest at Stone Brewing

It's been almost a month since my trip to San Diego for SourFest 2016 at Stone Brewing in Escondido, but it feels like only yesterday. The trip out was momentous in a way, as it was my first real travel assignment as a World Of Beer Drink It Intern. The dream was really coming to life as I packed up my gear and boarded a plane all on my lonesome, in pursuit of new ex-beer-iences to document and share.

First up was SourFest itself. After Where the Wild Beers Are, I felt more prepared for what lay ahead. Lots, and I mean lots, of beers, ranging from my preferred light and fruity to the more intense funky and wild. I tasted many beers in a range of colors and flavors, and chatted with other attendees about what they love so much about this very special kind of brew.

The next day, we attended a private blending session with the geniuses at Stone as we worked on coming up with a special recipe for a WOB-only release beer; there'll be more on this later.

In addition to the premiere access I had to some of the nation's most celebrated breweries and beer events, on this trip I also managed to venture out in some of my spare time. Stay tuned for more on that shortly...