Catching Up on 2017

People really hated 2017. I wasn't too fond of it myself, given the state of politics in America and the ensuing hazy, impenetrable, constant feeling of dread that descended upon my life like a San Francisco fog. 

But, I was just reviewing my recap of 2016, and upon reaching the last sentence was somewhat redeemed. While 2017 was really quite marred by non-stop presidential buffoonery - which ranged from simply embarrassing to large-scale life-threatening - on a personal level, I got a lot done. I completed two fairly large freelance projects, almost entirely on my own. I took on several smaller, but fulfilling, side gigs. I did the things I said I was gonna do: I made my first homebrew (two in fact!), I planned and went on an international trip, I visited my brother on the West Coast (and drove the whole thing, again, this time from North to South), and I created numerous videos, learned new skills, and got better at Lightroom.

The addition of the drone, Droney McDroneface, to our arsenal of gear was a great impetus for expanding our creative vernacular, and quite literally, seeing things from a new perspective.

Usually on New Year's Day the group of friends does a private, unsanctioned polar bear swim off the beaches of East Hampton. The first day of 2018, however, was cold enough to threaten bodily harm, and we all decided that perhaps just showing up to the beach would be torturous enough and suffice. I think we were right.

And so, resolutions for 2018? Concretely, I'd like to post 1 new video per week. Even if it sucks. You're welcome, world.