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Catching Up on 2017

I was just reviewing my recap of 2016, and upon reaching the last sentence was somewhat redeemed. While 2017 was really quite marred by non-stop presidential buffoonery - which ranged from simply embarrassing to large-scale life-threatening - on a personal level, I got quite a bit done. I completed two fairly large freelance projects, almost entirely on my own. I took on several smaller, but fulfilling, side gigs.

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Local Adventure #3: Suffolk County Shooting Range

Another weekend of pleasant weather means another outing for the People Scouts of America, one in which I try desperately to earn my gun-totin' merit badge and gun safety diploma. Will I, or won't I? Read on to find out in about five seconds.

It was a trick question, because neither of those things exist.

The Suffolk County Shooting Range (possibly aka Suffolk County Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays) is about 2 hours from our native Brooklyn by car, in a town called Yaphank on Long Island. After a brief stop at Wendy's for some expectedly disappointing fast food and exceptionally terrible beverages (raspberry Coke? A near-gallon of "iced coffee" that looked and tasted more like sweetened iced milk?) we got started at the shooting range.

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