Beer Of The Year! 2017!


It's the first annual Beer Of The Year post! In which I share with you my favorite beer from 2017. It doesn't have to be a new beer, just the one I liked the best, which is to say, I ordered and drank it many times over. Which I don't usually do.

And now that you're on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what lucky brew is the recipient of the distinguished award I, a nobody, have just made up, without further ado, I present...


Beer Of The Year 2017

Table Beer from Threes Brewing

Brooklyn, NY


The Table Beer from Threes is a delicious, mild, cracker-y saison, and the main reason I chose this as my favorite beer of 2017 is that it's perfect anytime. Table Beer in the morning', Table Beer in the evenin', Table Beer at suppertime. When Table Beer's on the table, you can have Table Beer anytime.


Sessionable and refreshing with delicious but light-handed character. Great outside in summer, but just as good in winter too. And I'd be lying if I didn't say Threes itself is a big reason I love this beer. I'd also be lying if I said I didn't go there often on summer Saturdays with the intention of having "just one beer" only to be thwarted by the drinkability of the sneaky Table Beer. In a world saturated with IPAs and DIPAs, saisons as a style in general are a little harder to come by, and especially one as reliable and accessible as the Table Beer.

So what I'm saying is, this is a great beer. And a great standby beer. And if you don't know what you want or what you're doing with your life, Table Beer can help. And you'll be real happy about it. 

I'd say choosing the Beer Of The Year was tough, but I only allowed myself like 5 minutes to figure it out, so it wasn't that tough. However, there were lots and lots of beers I had this year that I really loved, and were very memorable, so here are a few more I'd recommend:

• Raspberry Blush by Mikkeller
• S4 Classic Saison by Transmitter
• Cherry Glow-up by Folksbier
• Marble of Doom by KCBC
• Das Bronx by Bronx Brewery