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Iceland Road Trip Day 6: Reykjavik & The Golden Circle

The morning of Day 6, I climbed out of my top bunk and showered in the amusingly tiny but entirely sufficient bathroom of our little cabin and got everything packed up. This was a daily routine. It was snowing lovely delicate fat snowflakes so we took a few pictures and headed into the "town" of Hvammstangi to see if anything was open or if any seals would be visible.

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Iceland Road Trip Day 5: Akureyri to Hvammstangi

Day 5 was comparatively relaxing to the days preceding it. Our room at the Backpackers Hostel in Akureyri, though remote all the way up on the fourth floor (a veritable skyscraper), was very cozy and comfortable, so we didn't rush out of it. We packed up and checked out and loaded our stuff into the car, and decided to have breakfast in the hostel restaurant. It was a good decision.

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Iceland Road Trip Day 1: Keflavik to Heimaey

Well hello. Long time no see. Probably because I've been very busy with work and also with wrapping up planning on the Iceland 2.0 2016 road trip, which I am currently on. I'm almost live blogging (2 days later)! Technology has come so far!

Iceland day 1 was kind of like 3 days. It started off in Baltimore with a flight on Icelandic airline WOW Air, and some celebratory Icelandic Gull beer and American Pringles. Roughly five hours later we touched down in Keflavik to begin our adventure.

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