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Washington Square Park Distilled

Back in November, I teamed up with Chris Littler (who is apparently my muse) and Ellen Winter of Chamber Band to shoot a music video for their insanely amazing song, "Love Left." 

We got up early as hell and traipsed all over New York City, from Times Square to the East Village, with a good amount of gear, several outfit changes, and of course a selfie stick in tow. The original idea was to cut a video made exclusively of iPhone footage from the selfie stick, but once we saw this incredible slow-motion single take of Ellen passing through Washington Square Park, this was the only way to do the video. It has everything. Skateboarders, a live jazz band, massive soap bubbles, and of course, pigeon man, all shot at 96 fps.

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The Camera Project's "Beer & A Shot" Challenge

Back in December, Josh and I wanted to make a new feature for our YouTube channel, The Camera Project, that would allow us to make videos without necessarily going through the trials and tribulations of testing out all new gear. I can't remember who came up with the idea to do a photography challenge between the two of us, but I can say for certain that I'm the genius who came up with the idea of incorporating beer, and also thought of the ever-so-clever punny title for our challenge, "Beer & A Shot".

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