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Winter Storm Jonas in New York City

Yesterday, winter storm (blizzard? Nor'easter? Snowpocalypse?) Jonas battered the northeastern United States from Maryland up to New York, dumping more than 27 inches of snow over the course of 24 hours. With crazy snowfall, intense winds, and freezing temperatures, even typically unstoppable NYC came to a bit of a standstill with suspended public transportation and businesses closing midday in the interest of public safety.

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7 Hours in Portland, Oregon

Sometimes it helps to put a little space between yourself and your experiences so that you can look back with some perspective and weed the important moments out from the forgettable ones. Or that's the reason I'm using for why it's taken me this long to finish a fairly short post about my even shorter time in Portland, Oregon.

I got off the bus from Eugene and it was raining. No one, myself included, was surprised. I had a few hours to spend in Portland before my flight out of PDX in the evening, and since the weather was gloomy as always, struggled to find things to do inside while still getting a taste of the Pacific Northwest's capital of urban hipness. 

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West Coast Road Trip Day 2: Morro Bay to Monterey

Wow. Day 2 driving up the PCH was beyond incredible. I started off by grabbing coffee and a croissant in Morro Bay and stopping to take some photos of the charming beach town and big rock that juts from the water near the beach, which is also home to dozens of long-beaked shore birds, the name of which I have now forgotten of course.

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