Driving Baltimore

What is there to say about my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland? Well, it's the setting for HBO's The Wire. Have you seen The Wire? I have not seen The Wire. I am sorry. It was also the setting for another crime show in the 90s, Homicide. And the popular podcast Serial about a girl who is murdered? Also takes place in Baltimore! So, sounds like if you come to Baltimore, you will be murdered, mugged, or become a drug addict. But I assure you this is not the case!

Like many American cities, Baltimore is a diverse place with beautiful, tourist-friendly waterfront areas; a bustling commercial downtown; hip, young, residential communities; and then depressed, crime-ridden slums. I mounted my GoPro on my dash one Saturday afternoon and tried to get a little glimpse of all these things to create a complete picture of Baltimore - presented more or less without commentary.

And don't worry, I wasn't really driving that fast. The footage has been sped up.