Instagreatness: Upstate New York

Oh hello!

Welcome to the first edition of Instagreatness, a recurring feature in which I share inspiring Instagram photos and accounts within a certain theme or category, and today that theme is Upstate New York!

I often get caught up in the idea that true "travel" involves getting on a plane and going somewhere exotic and faraway, but anyone with half a brain and a bit of sense would know that's not the case. Amazing local adventures are just a car/bus/train ride away, whether that's exploring a new neighborhood in my home city of New York, or going on a day trip to hike upstate, you can get all the fun and benefits of travel without spending a ton of time or cash.

After all, tourists come from all over the world to visit the U.S. and flock to hidden gems that are easy for a native to overlook or take for granted, and vacation is just a state of mind, right? ;)

Here's to another peachy week of summer. | 📷: @thepungrytraveler | #visitcatskills #catskills

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So now that you're inspired to the max, where will your next local adventure take you?