Instagreatness: So Long, Summer

It's nearly the first day of fall, and thus, the chronological end of summer. This is the part where most people exclaim something like, "I can't believe it! Summer flew by!" but this year, I have no such proclamation to make. I kicked the crap out of summer. I drank the blood of summer. I wrapped my fingers around it and twisted, dug my nails in, and wrenched every last drop out of the goddamned thing. 

The daylight is already waning, pumpkin spice is creeping into every single thing (coffee! milkshakes! deodorant! the madness!), and I think we are all ready to stop sweating. And so, on to some beautiful Instagram shots from some lovely people, with which we can remember and celebrate another summer gone by.

Out of the office.

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Cliff Diving 💫

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We always get the best group of people! So many new friends were made at #EscapeBrooklynSummerCamp ✨

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Осенние радости)

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Dream big!

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