A Farewell to Full Frame

Yesterday I said goodbye to a dear old friend - I sold my Canon 5D Mark II.  

After five years together, I was still clinging to my full frame behemoth; after all, she'd served me well and was still an exceptional, professional-grade tool for beautiful video and photography. Like any long-term relationship, it's hard to imagine life without your counterpart when you haven't known anything else. But, with my recent upgrade to the Olympus OMD EM5 II - a smaller, lighter, (younger) camera - I had to admit that the my trusty Canon had been replaced, and it was time to let go of my safety net and commit myself fully to my new relationship.

It's always hard to say goodbye to what was in truth a very fulfilling, meaningful, and productive relationship, but as fruitful as it had been, the time had come. The Canon was just too heavy, it was dead weight, and I was letting it hold me back from shooting.

But we had some great times together, and so here is my tribute to five years of Canon full frame.









Now that I've got my kit down to one camera - a micro four-thirds system with two lenses - the challenge before me is to make the most of it.

Will I ever go back to full frame? Only time will tell.