The Camera Project's Month in a Minute

I'm like hey what's up hello??

So The Camera Project is taking a mini-hiatus in camera reviews while Josh gets his shit together on finishing the video about the Panasonic GX8, and in the meantime, we came up with this little segment where we talk about our favorite photos from the last 30 days called "My Month in a Minute." What's that you say? How totally unoriginal?? Listen, I came up with this idea without any outside influence. I can't be fully aware of the collective conscious at all times, zeitgeists, etc. because if I was, I'd shrivel up into a human raisin and never do anything because goddammit.

We didn't discuss this in the video, but an interesting thing here is how Josh and I sort of switched styles for this study - he usually does really awesome street photography and I usually do more landscape-y type stuff, so it's cool to see how getting out of our comfort zones (literally referring to the place where we live) influenced our approach to photography and got us out of our "comfort zones" (figuratively). Being somewhere new, I definitely wasn't as afraid to photograph strangers, partly because I assumed people in Georgia would be far less likely to scream in my face than people in New York, and partly because I would literally never see any of these people again, not even on the subway. For more of my photos from Atlanta, check out this post.

Now watch this video. Or don't, I don't care! Just kidding, I care, please watch, if only because Josh's photos are really outstanding.