Instagreatness: Autumn Upon Us

We've finally flipped the summer switch into a secure "off" position and popped the top on October, which means you better drink your pumpkin-flavored beer quick, before it gets flat. Actually, don't, those are putrid.

Every Autumn I get excited for October, fooling myself into believing it will be a perfect month with perfect crisp, sweater weather, ideal for kicking around in fallen foliage, apple-picking and hayrides. And every October, I am reminded that this is the world's monsoon season, and am greeted instead with hurricanes, torrential rain, and wet leaves stuck to just about everything. Eh, just as good.

Current mood - Autumn

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Nearing the peak. #OnlyinMNFall

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#tbt To weekend hikes in the mountains with @kpitlor

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My first hurricane! A long time ago...

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Hello October

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