Instagreatness: Geometry in Food

Today on Instagreatness, moar food. I am so very happy with myself for making and keeping up with this feature, because sifting through Instagram to find photos on theme has been an incredible exercise in exploration and inspiration. There is no shortage of amazing photographers on IG, and certainly no shortage of gorgeous food photos, and after ingesting an insane amount of amazing content so quickly, I am always left feeling motivated to create more myself, and to create better (i.e., step up my Instagram game, big time).

At this point I know food Instagrams have become totally cliché and endlessly lampooned as the hallmark of forced hipness (latte art! ice cream cones!), and surely, no one wants to see yet another photo of your PSL, Karen, but there is something to be said for sharing a beautiful meal as a work of art, and really, making anything ordinary feel exceptional. Few things satisfy my eyeballs like gorgeous food + symmetry, minimalism, and patterns, so here's the best of all that.

Soaking in some morning light with @GoldPeak coffee before summer ends. #sipofhome #goldpeak #sponsored

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Ice cream run with @samishome and @robynical! Burnt honey vanilla and strawberry sqirl rose geranium jam

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This one's for you! #bakingsteel #pizza #feedfeed #pepperoni #forkyeah

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