My name is Alison, and I'm a media professional with over a decade of experience in video production and editorial.

I'm also a Brooklyn dweller, dog owner, travel lover, ice cream eater, beer drinker, story teller, video maker, and picture taker who is incapable of taking anything too seriously, most of all, myself. I love to travel and explore, wander without purpose, be shamelessly curious and ask too many questions.

I think that the most important thing you will ever learn in life, is that you don't know shit.

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Ever since I made my first *Nsync fan page back in 1997 with Angelfire, some very crude HTML, and a bunch of low-res images that I sourced from who-knows-where, I’ve always been compelled to have a website or blog, some outlet on the internet that might not ever amount to much, but serves as a haven for me to build something and try things and occupy a space of my own.

So, Here Say. Stories from places, writing and videos and photos, all of it based in fact. A revised endeavor that will absorb my previous project, Brooklynography, and expand beyond the confines of my little borough and what goes on there, encompassing topics both broad and personal.

At worst, this is a little place for me to play and share and improve my skills, and at best, maybe something other people can enjoy too.

I'm not entirely sure what to Say.
But I'm Here to figure it out.